The owner Cheng Vang comes from a long line of Hmong Hill Tribe farmers in Laos. He can still remember the careful and delicate details his mother took in weaving the hemp cord threads she would use to make clothing for him and his siblings. His mother’s work became essential for them, they would use the thread in everyday items such as clothing, blankets, rope, and the blooms for medicine. 


In 1960-1975, The CIA recruited the Hmong to fight against the communist in a war called the Secret War. This war changed Cheng’s life entirely and forced a mass exodus of the Hmong people from their homeland. They were displaced and many of the children of war grew up in refugee camps.  


Cheng arrived in the US in 1991 with his family in hopes of pursuing the American dream. He got an education and his Bachelors’s Degree in the administration of Justice. After years of working in the business world, Cheng’s entrepreneurial spirit led him to establish his own company.  


Essential Blooms was started by Cheng when he saw an opportunity to provide jobs. Although Essential Blooms is a young company we believe that Essentialblooms have the right people to produce the best quality product to meet your needs.